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Anthurium Flowers Sunstone Gemstone Ring, size 5

Anthurium Flowers Sunstone Gemstone Ring, size 5

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This delicate ring features the vibrant beauty of the confetti sunstone gemstone in red orange hues with a meticulously handcrafted texture reminiscent of the anthurium flower's pistil and detailed anthurium flowers hugging the gemstone.

The confetti sunstone gemstones were picked for their resemblance with the pigtail anthurium flowers speckled petals. The design is achieved through careful carvings made to fit the stone's unique characteristics. This design aims to capture the elegance and grace of the anthurium flowers, resulting in a unique and eye-catching piece.

The combination of the captivating sunstone gemstone and the intricate anthurium flowers ensures that no two rings are exactly alike, this will surely make it a conversation starter and a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.



  • size 5 US
  • one of a kind ring
  • dainty tapered band
  • intricate texture inspired in the flower's pistil 
  • sculpted by hand in wax to fit the stone's unique characteristics 
  • solid sterling silver
  • matte brushed finish
  • stone : faceted confetti sunstone

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